You’re too young to know what you’ll want in ten years, fifteen years — and too young to give it all up without thinking it through.

2/?  Favorite anime characters.

↳Juvia Lockser ~ Fairy Tail

"Natsu Dragneel… You’ve escaped death."

ch. 73 + mazume and swimsuits

if you’re going to attack, then keep it up until your opponent breaks


#shizumeweekStar (Day 1, Aug. 18th)

↳”I have seen shooting stars in broad daylight when I was younger. Sensei is just like those shooting stars. They make me cry happy tears and make me want to catch up to get them. They flicker and I get dizzy and my heart flutters. They’re the things that easily shake my world.”

Although you're trying not to listen
I bet your eyes are staring at the ground
She makes a subtle proposition
Sorry love I'll have to turn you down


Shizume Week: Day 2 - Wound

Shizume Week Day 2: Wound.

This throbbing in my chest
It won’t go away..

Shizume Week Day 3: Dorks In Love.

Though it makes me happy he’s wearing it..
It’s my fault that Sensei has become a laughing stock


Day Three / Dorks In Love

shizume week: day 1;stars

→ “It’s a pity I’ve never seen a shooting star in the daytime, but I feel like I’m starting to understand the meaning of it.”